What can you do here?

Location of accommodation and the potential of the area:
A 15-minute walk from Nagymaros-Visegrád train station is Gomb Hill, which is located in a relaxing, relaxing zone, the street leading to it is narrow , steep , but worth it to come up. Not far from the houses, thehiking trails open up to the mountain... One of the most beautiful cycling routes in the country is just a rolling distanceaway. Starting from Nagymaros, the National Blue Sign leads to one of the most beautiful panoramic mountains of the Danube Bend, the MountainTop, the Julianus Lookout Tower and the Hermit Cave.

We do not fear hiking, whether on the ground or on the water, there are plenty of excursions in the vicinity of Nagymaros in Visegrád, Zebekény, Turkish field, Királyrét.... Through the Chestnut Nature Trail of Nagymaros, our journey is accompanied by the view of the Danube Bend. Active activities such as canoeing are available on the Danube.

We recommend the Sand Island on the soft side of nature, or you can enjoy sunbathing and bathing on the shores of Nagymaros.

Do not miss one of our biggest pride, the farmers’ market on Saturday mornings from 8-12 am. You can find locally made high-quality products like cheese, meat, jams and cordials, organic vegetables and numerous handmade items.

We appreciate guests who respect both our property and their environment.

Button Hill Guest House
Address: 2626, Nagymaros,
Kisújhegy Street, Hrs. 958/1
NTAK Registration Number: MA20010313

Pinch Guest House
Address: 2626, Nagymaros,
Kisújhegy Street, Hrs. 955/3
NTAK Registration Number: MA21004643

Gps: 47°47'48.7"N 18°57'11.1"E


Tel.: +36 20 384 25 48

Bank account number: CIB BANK 10702222 74488350 53200009