huts above the city.



"We've picked a place in Nagymaros, in the Danube bend, in a quiet little street, where nature is lush, the birds are singing, you can relax peacefully, on top of Kisújhegy, because the city noise doesn't reach here. We've made it an ideal space for a family, with a play area, a fireplace, a bite to eat, and to make it round as a button, we've added pets."


The cottage is self-catering and has WiFi. For 4 persons in one space, there are comfortable beds on a separate level. On the lower level there is a pull-out sofa with 2 cans (180×200 cm) and on the upper level there is a double bed (160×200). If necessary, an extra bed or pitch can be requested. We're buttoning up on a mobile crib.

In the kitchen you will find cutlery, crockery, tea towels, refrigerator, coffee maker, kettle, toaster, hot sandwich and waffle oven, robot machine, hob, indoor and outdoor herbs

To have a flawless holiday experience, we have an orchard, a covered terrace, a hammock, a tiny playground, a garden shower, a fire pit, an outdoor cauldron dish making place, a BBQ grill, and a carport (for two cars) besides the house. Instead of a key, we give you a keycard as the house is equipped with the Proxy Access Control System. We believe that protecting the environment is all our responsibility. To reduce the number of single-use plastic bottle waste, we leave complementary soda-water in the kitchen for your convenience. There are also separate recycle bins to place household waste in them.



The Pinch is located not far from the Button Housing. The tiny house is idyllic and peaceful, we recommend it for couples and a pinch for family (with a double bed 140×200 cm and a baby bed) is a great place to relax undisturished! A two-person pitch is available.

In the kitchen there is a refrigerator, hob, coffee maker, kettle, hot sandwich waffle oven, toaster, cooking utensils, cutlery, tableware, tea towel.

The cottage has WiFi, covered terrace, orchard garden, small swing, hammock, firecrare, garden shower, driveway. That's what makes Button Hill even rounder.

There is a plot of land between the two accommodations, which is not part of Gomb Hill, about 50 m away, so you can stay with several pinch families and small groups.




Button Hill Guest House
Address: 2626, Nagymaros,
Kisújhegy Street, Hrs. 958/1
NTAK Registration Number: MA20010313

Pinch Guest House
Address: 2626, Nagymaros,
Kisújhegy Street, Hrs. 955/3
NTAK Registration Number: MA21004643

Gps: 47°47'48.7"N 18°57'11.1"E


Tel.: +36 20 384 25 48

Bank account number: CIB BANK 10702222 74488350 53200009